Where Does My Money Go?

Where Does My Money Go?

Distribution of Property Taxes within Fremont County
The County Treasurer's office collects property taxes and special assessments for a number of taxing entities within Fremont County. Property taxes are assessed on property within the county based on the value of the property and mills levied by the various taxing entities associated with each tax district within the county. Special assessments, such as irrigation, are calculated differently depending upon the type of assessment as defined by those special districts. For more information, please see the property tax Frequently Asked Questions.

Each month, the County Treasurer distributes the taxes collected in the prior month to the various taxing entities. The following chart shows how the property taxes were distributed during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022:

Distribution of Property Taxes FYE2022
Note: This represents the aggregate distribution across the entire county. The distribution percentages within individual tax districts may vary depending upon the taxing entities with each district. The list of the specific entities in your tax district and their corresponding levies can be found on your annual property tax bill (example tax bill).

Motor Vehicle Fees
The County Treasurer also collects and distributes motor vehicle registration fees. Vehicle registration fees are made up of two components: a state fee and a county fee. The state fee is set by the Wyoming Department of Transportation and is based on the type and size of the vehicle. This county fee is an ad valorem tax meaning that the amount is based on the value of the vehicle. For more information on how motor vehicle fees are determined, please see the Vehicle Licensing page.

The state fees are remitted to WYDOT on a monthly basis. The county fees are distributed semiannually according to the mills levied in the tax district in which the vehicle is registered (i.e., based on owner's address). The distribution percentages, therefore, are similar to other property taxes shown in the chart above.