All liens against personal property such as motor vehicles, household goods, agriculture products, etc. are filed with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings. Liens against motor vehicles must be placed on the title in order to be perfected.

All liens are a matter of public record.

34.1-9-501(a)(iii) states that the office of the county clerk is the filing office for perfection of a security interest (liens) in vehicles or motor vehicles. Therefore, when someone buys a vehicle and needs to borrow money to purchase that vehicle, the financing agreement or security agreement will be filed (recorded) in the county clerk’s office to perfect (protect) the entity loaning the money (secured party). Amendments and termination statements will also be filed (recorded).

Any financing forms are acceptable for filing as long as they are able to be read by staff and scanned by our scanner. It is best to type the forms, use a computer generated form, or print legibly on the form to avoid any incorrect information from being filed.

According to W.S. 34.1-9-502 the financing statement must have the following contents in order to be filed. If they do not have this information the document will be returned to the party that provided it to the county to be filed.

  • Debtor name(s) and address(es) in Fremont County
  • Secured party name(s) and address(es
  • Year, Make and Vehicle (VIN)/HULL (HIN) identification number and also known as the serial number of the titled property being used for collateral.
  • Total amount of loan due
  • A fee of $20.00 is required in order to file (record) this document.  The $20.00 includes the termination fee when the debt is satisfied.
  • If the secured party is using a security agreement and not a financing statement, signatures of the debtors and secured parties are necessary,
A termination statement is to be completed by the secured party of record (listed on the face of the Wyoming title). The termination statement must reference:

  • The UCC filing number of the original financial statement.
  • Debtor name
  • Secured party name
  • Must identify if it is a partial termination or termination.
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