Criminal Prosecution—these relate to violations of Wyoming Statutes that will be prosecuted in either Circuit (misdemeanor) or District (felony) Court.
Juvenile Matters—this includes the prosecution of crime, but also relates to Delinquency Petitions, Juvenile Drug Court, Child In Need of Supervision (CHINS) Petitions, and the Juvenile Single Point of Entry program.

Mental Health Detentions—this area relates to the emergency, involuntary detention of individuals identified with a mental health issue who is a danger to themselves or someone else, or who is unable to take care of themselves.

Civil Law—this area relates to providing timely, responsive service to all the departments and agencies within the Fremont County Government. Areas included in this area of responsibility are potentially unlimited, but include contract reviews, tax assessment reviews and defense, land and road access issues, employment, environmental, real estate issues, and much, much more.

Victim/Witness—the primary responsibility is to provide resources to Victims of Crime, and to help them recover, through a claims process embedded within the criminal statutes, financial loss directly attributable to the crime suffered.