PLANNING TIPS (to help you stay out of trouble):

• What you don’t know about Septic Systems can cost you a great deal of time and money! Before you site your home, before you pour a foundation or drill your well, ask our Small Wastewater Specialist to assist, it can help avoid many potential pitfalls. Failure to do so may cloud the title to your property and limit your ability finance or sell.

• Before you contemplate any division or conveyance of land you should consider the long term effects of that decision. Before you contemplate any development, please contact the Planning Director to ensure you have adequately considered all current and future needs.

• Before you begin any construction project, apply for an address through our GIS Technician and make sure you have applied for an access permit if your driveway is off of a County Road, Call One Call 811 to locate any buried utilities. Remember, any utility service or connection will require a valid physical address.