Planning Department

Planning Department

The State of Wyoming requires counties to review “subdivisions” to ensure that proposed building sites are adequate for the purpose, will not harm adjoining properties, and are beneficial additions to the community at large. To achieve these objectives, counties require subdivisions to undergo a public review and meet certain standards, such as for road construction, sewage disposal, water supply, etc.

The Planning Department also administers small wastewater (septic) permits for unincorporated areas of the county and properties inside city limits without access to public sewer services. The goal of the program is to ensure public health and safety by providing ground and surface water protection. Proper septic system installation and maintenance are key factors in reaching that goal. For this reason, a permit is required for all small wastewater systems that generate less then 2,000 gallons per day of sewage. A permit is also required for replacement or modification of a failed septic system.

Additionally the Planning Department assigns rural addresses to properties for the unincorporated areas of the county and administers the Flood Plain Program for the county.

Click on the links to the left to obtain Subdivision Regulations, Small Wastewater Regulations, Floodplain Zoning Regulations and Rural Addressing Regulations.  Applications for Regular and Simple Subdivisions, Small Wastewater permits and Floodplain permits are available through the Fremont County Planning Department.  A Rural Address can be assigned by stopping by the Planning Department at 450 N 2nd St., Room 360 (County Courthouse) or by contacting our office at (307) 332-1077.

Phone Number (307) 332-1077
Address 450 N 2nd St, Room 360, Lander Courthouse
Hours of Operation 8 – 5 Monday thru Friday, Office closed for lunch
Planning Department Staff
Steve Baumann Director of Planning (307) 332-1079
Marcel Lopez Small Wastewater Specialist (307) 332-1830
Steve Warner GIS Specialist (307) 332-1078
Cheryl Crowson Department Secretary (307) 332-1077