Do I need a building permit in the unincorporated areas of the county?

A survey certificate is required for construction within the floodplain.  For all other construction, there is no permit required.

Does the county issue Certificates of Occupancy?


Can I build in a flood plain?

Fremont County Floodplain Zoning Regulations apply in any area with a FEMA rate map.  No construction is allowed in the Floodway.

Can I get the county subdivision regulations online?

Yes. here.

Is there a fee to apply for a subdivision?

Yes. Fees are:  $200 Simple Subdivision and Regular Subdivision Application Fee; $250+ Regular Subdivision Preliminary Plat Fee (greater of $250 or $20 per lot not to exceed $2,000); $100 Simple Subdivision and Regular Subdivision Final Plat Fee;  $75 subdivision recording fee to be paid to County Clerk, if the subdivision is approved; $2.50 plat copy fee per page to be paid to County Clerk (this fee can be combined with the recording fee); and all postage fees incurred.

Can I get county wastewater regulations online?

Yes here.

Is there a fee to apply for a septic system permit?

Yes. Fees are:  $275 for Replacement Septic System;  $300 for New Standard Septic System; $325 for New Non-Conventional Septic System; $500 for New Commercial Septic System; $2,000 for As Built Septic System; and $50 Septic System Inspection Fee (for each inspection over two (2)).

Can I get rural addressing rules and regulations online?

Yes here.

What do I need to get physical address for my property?
Provide one of the following;

  • A geo-pin or parcel number from the Assessors Office.
  • A lat/long GIS co-ordinate.
  • The name of the subdivision and the lot number.
  • Distance from a known intersection in miles or feet.
  • Google Earth map with reference points and scale clearly marked.

For Tribal allotments, an aerial map showing home site, survey of home site with reference points & copy of lease.
Is there a fee to apply for a physical address?

Yes.  Fee is $20 for New Address Application.

My address numbers are missing or faded where can I get another set?

Your local hardware store should carry them or you can purchase them from the Planning Department.